Have Your Say: First report into the state of the electricity sector

Submissions are due by
5pm on Tuesday, 23 October 2018
First report* PDF Document 1310kb
At a glance PDF Document 72kb
Technical paper PDF Document 385kb
Submission form Docx Microsoft Word Format 67kb
Electricity Authority, note to the Electricity Price Review Panel, 6 July 2018 PDF Document 348kb
TPM Group, letter to Electricity Price Review Panel, 17 July 2018 PDF Document 395kb


The Electricity Price Review are seeking submissions from the public and industry on their first report into the state of the electricity sector.

* This is to inform you that an error has been corrected on page nine of the first report.

In paragraph two, the share of household energy that electricity supplies should be 70% rather than the 85% stated. The error is regretted but it does not change the key point that the vast majority of energy use in a typical New Zealand home is via electricity.

How to Make a Submission

The report contains a series of questions, which are listed in the submission form in the order in which they appear. You are free to answer some or all of them.

Where possible, please include evidence (such as facts, figures or relevant examples) to support your views. Please be sure to focus on the question asked and keep each answer short. There are also boxes for you to summarise your key points on Parts three, four and five of the report – the Electricity Price Review will use these when publishing a summary of responses. There are also boxes to briefly set out potential solutions to issues and concerns raised in the report, and one box at the end for you to include additional information not covered by the other questions.

The Electricity Price Review would prefer you completed this form electronically. (The answer boxes will expand as you write.) You can print the form and write your responses. (In that case, expand the boxes before printing. If you still run out of room, continue your reponses on an attached piece of paper, but be sure to label it so we know which question it relates to.)

The Electricity Price Review may contact you if we need to clarify any aspect of your submission.

Email your submission to energymarkets@mbie.govt.nz or post it to:

Electricity Price Review
Secretariat, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
15 Stout Street
PO Box 1473
Wellington 6140