Electricity generation

In New Zealand electricity is generated by five major electricity generating companies. Genesis Energy, Mighty River Power and Meridian Energy operate under a mixed ownership model in which the government holds a majority stake while Contact and Trustpower are private sector companies.

Generation share for 2014

  • Meridian Energy – 35%
  • Contact Energy – 23%
  • Mighty River Power - 16%
  • Genesis Energy - 14%
  • TrustPower - 6%

The rest is made up from a number of smaller generating companies.

Generation companies own and operate power stations across the country. Most of New Zealand’s electricity is generated at remote locations and requires an efficient transmission system to transport it to the main centres.

More than 200 generation plants are able to supply electricity to the national grid. Some of the smaller scale generation is ‘embedded’ and feeds directly into local distribution networks.

In 2014 79.9% of New Zealand's electricity was generated from renewable sources. Hydro stations accounted for 57.1%, of total generation, with the balance from geothermal stations (16.2%), gas (15.7%), coal (4.3%) and, bio-mass plants and wind farms (6.7%).

For further information about New Zealand’s electricity sector please visit MBIE’s Electricity Information Portal.