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Key documents

Deed of Covenant [PDF 411KB]

If you are a successful ballot winner for a KiwiBuild home, you will be required to sign the Deed of Covenant enforceable by the Crown in which you will undertake to pay the Crown 30% of:

  1. any capital gain if you sell your KiwiBuild home within three years of signing the sales and purchase agreement without KiwiBuild’s prior consent and/or
  2. any gross rental income if you rent out your KiwiBuild home without also living in it as your primary residence.

Cabinet paper: KiwiBuild definitions, eligibility criteria and the ‘buying off the plans’ initiative (underwrite) [PDF 2MB]

This paper seeks agreement to the high level definitions, eligibility criteria and the establishment of the ‘Buying off the Plans’ initiative as priorities for delivering KiwiBuild.

Cabinet paper: KiwiBuild eligibility criteria [PDF 3MB]

This paper describes the first home buyers expected to participate in KiwiBuild, seeks agreement to the eligibility criteria for purchasing a KiwiBuild home, and describes the proposed sales process.