Vision 2015: Lessons learned

Immigration New Zealand’s Vision 2015 programme was a $136m multi-year business transformation that enabled delivery of a more flexible, risk-based, customer-focused, consistent and cost-effective service.

Vision 2015 was launched in March 2012 and formally closed in June this year with the successful launch of a new state-of-the-art identity management system that enables face photos and fingerprint information from applicants to be captured online and automatically matched against personal data already held by INZ.

Two reports which capture the learnings of Immigration New Zealand’s successful Vision 2015 programme have been developed. Like other programmes of this scale, Vision 2015 had to deal with unexpected obstacles and challenges, and these affected delivery.


Download: Lessons Learned – Immigration New Zealand’s Vision 2015 Programme [PDF 510KB]

This report identifies strategic learnings as well as operational-level learnings that may be useful to agencies undertaking similar change. This report does not assess the success of the Vision 2015 programme, nor does it provide a step-by-step guide to undertaking a business transformation project.

There are three parts to this report and key lessons learned are summarised within each section.

  1. Requirements for delivering a successful business transformation programme
  2. Design, build and deployment phase
  3. Embedding the changes.

Useful background documents referenced at the end of each section of the report can be accessed below.


Download: Immigration New Zealand’s Vision 2015 Programme - An independent assessment of lessons learned [PDF 678KB]

This report was completed by Sir Maarten Wevers, a former Chief Executive of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, and Murray Jack, the Chairman of the Financial Markets Authority and formerly Deloitte New Zealand. This report validates INZ’s learnings and captures the high-level learnings for the public sector.


  1. Vision Board Structure and Charter [PDF 90KB]
  2. Programme Structure (page 5 of the Project Management Plan) [PDF 2.3MB]
  3. Programme Decision Group Charter and Structure [PDF 99KB]
  4. Vision 2015 blueprint [PDF 1.3MB]
  5. Project Management Plan [PDF 2.3MB]
  6. IQANZ Benefits Management Review – May 2015 [PDF 99KB]
  7. Internal Audit – Assurance Plan Review – June 2015 [PDF 2.8MB]
  8. IQANZ Monthly memos – samples from August 2013 to December 2014 [PDF 98KB]
  9. Integrated Programme Assurance Plan – September 2015 [PDF 1.5MB]
  10. Report of the Ministerial Inquiry into the Novopay Project – June 2013
  11. Gateway Unit Lessons Learned Reports
  12. GCIO ICT Projects and Programme Top 10 Lessons Learned [PDF 385KB]
  13. Vision 2015 Programme Change Control Process [PDF 296KB]
  14. Change Request Self-Assessment form [PDF 144KB]
  15. Change Matrix [XLSX 12KB]
  16. Change Request Workflow [PDF 160KB]
  17. Change Request Template [PDF 216KB]
  18. Change Request Completion Process Map [PDF 71KB]
  19. Communications - how to guide [PDF 171KB]
  20. Communications and Stakeholder Engagement Strategy [PDF 288KB]
  21. Transition Communications plan [PDF 221KB]
  22. Roles and responsibilities of sponsors and business owners [PDF 94KB]
  23. Business Owner Reference Group terms of referencE [PDF 23KB]
  24. Resource requests [PDF 274KB]
  25. Business analyst role – activity – responsibility [XLSX 18KB]
  26. 2015 Visa Processing Operating Mode [PDF 2.6MB]
  27. 2018 Operating Model [PDF 2.1MB]
  28. MVS Principles information sheet [PDF 133KB]
  29. Project Management Plan [PDF 90KB]
  30. Manage applications [PDF 2.1MB]
  31. Business process design template [PDF 205KB]
  32. Process Test Planning [PDF 215KB]
  33. Deployment approach [PDF 233KB]
  34. High-level impact assessment [PDF 545KB]
  35. Detailed impact assessment [PDF 1.5MB]
  36. Change Strategy [PDF 708KB]
  37. Change Implementation Team – Project Initiation Document [PDF 913KB]
  38. Change Readiness Survey 1 (March 2015) [PDF 1.6MB]
  39. Change Implementation Team – Project Initiation Document [PDF 913KB]
  40. Triage and Verification Implementation Plan [PDF 753KB]
  41. Triage and Verification Post-Implementation Review [PDF 2.1MB]
  42. An example of the release schedule [XLSX 30KB]
  43. BSD2 training needs analysis [PDF 634KB]
  44. Training approach [PDF 176KB]
  45. IGMS training strategy document [PDF 524KB]
  46. Handover approach [PDF 140KB]
  47. Handover and transition diagrams [PDF 701KB]
  48. SDP decision document [PDF 821KB]
  49. Customer Insights Framework [PDF 725KB]
  50. Channel Uptake Strategy [PDF 556KB]
  51. Process Management Framework [PDF 1.4MB]
  52. Quality Review Terms of Reference [PDF 272KB]
  53. Quality Review Project Plan [PDF 304KB]
  54. Benefit Realisation Plan – Board Paper November 2014 [PDF 516KB]
  55. Benefit Management Guide – July 2015 [PDF 597KB]
  56. Benefit Management Strategy – August 2015 [PDF 243KB]
  57. Benefit Realisation Plan – August 2015 [PDF 90KB]