Community and migrants

MBIE runs an annual survey of migrants about their experiences of life in New Zealand and an annual survey of the New Zealand community and their perceptions of migrants.

Migrant survey report

This report present the findings from a Migrant survey designed to measure migrants’ settlement experiences.
In particular, the research aims to understand:

  • Migrants’ working life – current employment and satisfaction with their job
  • Migrants’ sense of belonging to New Zealand
  • Migrants’ overall satisfaction with living in New Zealand
  • Migrants’ sense of being treated fairly by employers and in general.

The report summarises survey findings from 2012 to 2015 inclusive.

Migrant survey report 2016  [PDF 2.3MB]

Community survey report

These reports present the findings from a Community survey designed to measure New Zealanders’ attitudes to migrants.

In particular, the research aims to understand awareness, knowledge and community perceptions of migrants, including:

  • Overall attitudes towards migrants and migration.
  • Specific differences in attitudes towards migrants from different countries.
  • Attitudes surrounding migrant numbers.
  • The contribution of migrants to New Zealand’s productivity, culture and society.

Community survey report 2016 [PDF 2.5KB]
Community survey report 2015 [PDF 3.6MB]