Getting New Zealand immigration advice

The Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA), a business unit within MBIE, was set up to protect people who receive New Zealand immigration advice.

The IAA does this by issuing licences to immigration advisers and providing a free, online register of licensed immigration advisers. Anyone providing New Zealand immigration advice must be licensed by the IAA, unless they are exempt.

Licensed immigration advisers are immigration specialists. They can help you explore all your options. They meet competency standards and must follow a code of conduct.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who operate unlawfully and are neither licensed nor exempt. These people may not be honest with you or with Immigration New Zealand (INZ). Using an unlicensed immigration adviser who is not exempt will result in a visa application being returned by INZ or it may be declined - something that can cause serious significant stress and visas being declined.

The IAA can help if you’re concerned about immigration advice you or someone you know has received. Contacting the IAA will not affect any immigration matters you may have with INZ.

For more information, including a Guide to Licensed Immigration Advisers in five languages, and to search for a licensed immigration adviser, visit the Immigration Advisers Authority website