Community Organisation Refugee Sponsorship Category

Request for Applications (RFA) - for the pilot of the Community Organisation Refugee Sponsorship Category (CORS)

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is seeking applications from community organisations to become sponsors of refugees and support their settlement in New Zealand under the pilot of the CORS.

The Government has agreed to pilot CORS for 25 refugees in 2017/18. The CORS is designed to:

  • Provide an alternative and additional form of admission for refugees to New Zealand, to complement the annual quota.
  • Provide an additional opportunity for community organisations to actively engage in refugee resettlement, and to build local communities that welcome refugees.
  • Enable sponsored refugees to quickly become independent and self-sufficient in New Zealand.

This Request for Application (RFA) process is for interested community organisations to formally apply to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) to become an Approved Sponsor for the pilot of the CORS.

The RFA provides background information on the CORS, outlines the timetable and process for Applications, and sets out the criteria that Applications will be assessed against. The RFA also sets out the Approved Sponsor’s responsibilities, and includes the Deed of Agreement for Services which will form a binding agreement between MBIE and an Approved Sponsor.

INZ approval of a community organisation as an Approved Sponsor will be dependent on that organisation’s ability to meet the Approved Sponsor requirements under the CORS and demonstrate sufficient financial and human resourcing to provide Settlement Services to Sponsored Refugees to support their successful settlement in New Zealand. It is anticipated that more than one community organisation will be approved by INZ as an Approved Sponsor.

Information on CORS is available on the INZ website.


Request for Applications open on 13 October 2017.

The deadline for questions is 3 November 2017.

Applications close at 5pm on 10 November 2017.