Reform of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986

A targeted reform of the Residential Tenancies Act is underway to support the Government’s goal of making life better for renters.

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The reform aims to:

  1. Improve tenants’ security and stability while protecting landlords’ interests
  2. Ensure the law appropriately balances the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords and helps renters feel at home
  3. Modernise the legislation so it can respond to the changing trends in the rental market
  4. Improve the quality of boarding houses and the accountability of boarding house landlords.


What are we consulting on?

A discussion document on proposals to reform New Zealand’s tenancy law is now available for comment.

The document includes the following proposals:

  • substituting the ability for landlords to terminate tenancies for any reason with specific and justifiable criteria for ending a tenancy
  • setting the amount of notice a landlord needs to give to terminate a tenancy to 90 days under all circumstances
  • limiting rent increases to once a year
  • better equipping tenants and landlords to reach agreement about pets and minor alterations to the home
  • whether further controls for boarding houses are needed to provide adequate protection for boarding house tenants
  • introducing new tools and processes into the compliance and enforcement system.

The consultation period closes at 5pm on Sunday, 21 October 2018.

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