Government’s Response to Independent Forestry Safety Review

The Government released its initial response to the Independent Forestry Safety Review on 31 October 2014.

The Government’s initial response sets out how the Review’s findings and recommendations will be addressed, including through the Working Safer reforms already underway. The response is centred on four themes:

  1. Strengthening forestry leadership
  2. Strengthening regulatory standards
  3. Strengthening enforcement
  4. Strengthening the workforce.


Read the:

Initial Government Response [PDF 1.4KB]

Independent Forestry Safety Review report [PDF 7.4MB]

Minister's release


The Independent Forestry Safety Review was initiated and commissioned by industry to identify the likely causes and contributing factors to the high rate of serious injuries and fatalities in the New Zealand forestry sector and recommend strategies and actions to improve safety outcomes.

The Government in response said it is committed to working in partnership with industry and workers to build a safe, sustainable and professional forestry sector as envisaged by the Review Panel.

The Government, as part of its response, announced support for the establishment of Forestry Leadership Action Group (FLAG), led by industry and with government and worker representation. Work to set FLAG up will begin immediately.

A more detailed response to the Review’s recommendations concerning regulations and Approved Codes of Practice will be released around February 2015.

In July 2014 MBIE and WorkSafe NZ made submissions to the Independent Forestry Safety Review, focusing on the Working Safer reforms and how they will help to address safety in the forestry sector.

Read the:

MBIE submission [PDF 313KB]

WorkSafe NZ submission [PDF 3.6MB]


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