MBIE's Holidays Act payroll remediation

MBIE has remediated current staff for historic payroll issues and is now looking to contact former employees. We expect to make payments to affected former staff early in 2019, once we’ve sourced and validated the required details.

Like many organisations, we’re addressing non-compliance with some aspects of the Holidays Act 2003, resulting from a complex mix of process, policy, practice and system configuration factors. In line with the two Enforceable Undertakings we agreed with the Labour Inspectorate in March and October 2016, we’re completing detailed data corrections and remediation calculations to ensure that people have receive at least minimum entitlements when they’ve taken annual holidays or other types of leave. The Labour Inspectorate has accepted our sample employee calculations [PDF 55KB] and we’ve also undertaken an independent quality assurance process.

If you were employed by MBIE or its legacy agencies between 21 August 2008 and 27 June 2018, you may be affected by these issues.

To check if you are affected, complete this contact form. Once we have validated your details we will get in touch.

Paying our people correctly is a priority for MBIE and we’ve made a range of system configuration, process and policy changes to increase our ongoing compliance with the Holidays Act 2003. We’ll continue to monitor our compliance and will undertake further remediation as required to cover the period from 28 June 2018.

Former employee contact form