Māori labour market trends

Information to assist anyone with an interest in Māori social and economic issues to gain a better understanding about labour market trends among Māori. It contains key information about Māori in business and Māori in the labour market. There is both statistical and report-based information.

Māori in business

This report provides an overview of Māori who run their own business (self-employed, either working alone or employing others). The report used data from the 2006 and 2013 Censuses of Population and Dwellings.

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Māori in the labour market - report

This report gives an overview of Māori labour market performance over the past five years, looking at both trends over time and comparisons with the rest of all ethnicities. The report also highlights key labour market indicators for eight iwi regions.

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Māori in the labour market

Māori in the labour market provide information on national employment by industry, occupation, and regional employment for Māori.

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