APEC, Labour and Social Protection Network

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) operates under the leadership of the Economic Leaders and Foreign and Trade Ministers of APEC Member Economies who meet each year. Ministers representing various other portfolios, Senior Officials and members of various APEC forums meet throughout the year to launch new initiatives, track the progress of existing programmes and implement directives from the leaders.

As tariffs and border barriers have gradually declined in Asia-Pacific, attention in APEC has shifted towards structural and regulatory obstacles that inhibit open trade and investment.

The Economic Committee (EC) seeks to address behind-the-border issues that create barriers to doing business and hinder economic growth. The EC works to remove these obstacles by promoting structural reform within APEC. Structural reform involves making domestic reforms to policies, regulation and institutional frameworks. Better domestic frameworks and regulations support the effective functioning of markets and reduce behind-the-border barriers, encouraging innovation and sustainable economic growth.

The Labour and Social Protection Network (LSPN) of the Human Resources Development Working Group is a forum for sharing best practice on labour issues with other APEC economies.

The LSPN fosters human capacity building, social integration, and strong and flexible labour markets through the development of useful labour market information and policy, improved workplace conditions and practices, and strong social safety nets.


For more information about our work on New Zealand international labour issues email the International Strategy & Partnerships team.