Digital economy work programme

The ever-evolving digital world is impacting on almost all aspects of New Zealanders’ lives. ICT is changing the way businesses and government operate, how education and healthcare are delivered, and how people and communities interact.

The Digital Economy team works to support the growth of New Zealand’s digital sector and the uptake and smart use of ICT across the economy, as well as working with the Department of Internal Affairs on digital inclusion and digital government issues.

Read more about some of the wider projects underway in this area by topic area below:

Digital sector

Supporting the growth of a competitive, export-focused digital sector to build a diverse and resilient economy.

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Digital business

Supporting New Zealand businesses to use ICT to raise their productivity and drive innovation across all sectors of the economy.

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Digital inclusion

Ensuring New Zealanders can fully participate in a digital world to realise the educational, economic and social benefits of ICT.

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Digital government

Driving the public sector to use ICT to work more efficiently, make better decisions, create greater value from information, and transform the way services are delivered to businesses and individuals.

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Digital skills

Ensuring New Zealand has the digital skills it needs to grow.

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Enhancing domestic and international connectivity so that New Zealand is a highly connected society.

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Privacy and security

Achieving a balance and gaining competitive advantage through our innovation, security, and privacy settings.

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Ensuring regulation supports the development of technological innovation.

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