Reports and research

Data on the digital economy and digital inclusion is important to Government decision making. Read some of the reports and research that have been completed on these issues.

Business uptake of ICT project - Supporting firms to be more tech-savvy

MBIE wants to enable and support New Zealand small to medium businesses to use the latest technologies and develop new products and services through digital innovation and technology. This is so they are able to grow, disrupt, and compete across the globe. In early 2017 MBIE initiated a programme of research and development on business uptake of ICT. Three sectors - construction, arable farming and tourism - were selected to assess and understand their approach to, and engagement with, “doing business digitally’.

We have made some of what we learnt during this first ‘discovery’ phase with PWC available below. These insights might be useful for local councils, economic development agencies, not-for-profit organisations, industry organisations and others who are looking at ways to help businesses to see the value technology can provide.

  • Four personas [PDF 1.1MB] representing different businesses approaches to how they engage with technology in their business - the initiator, the follower, the sceptic and the delayer - reflecting common defining traits across all businesses interviewed as part of this project
  • A ‘journey map [PDF 120KB]’ showing the stages that all the business personas go through

If you would like to know more or be involved in the next phase of this work, drop us a line at

Research Report — Business ICT use and productivity growth in New Zealand

New Zealand firms appear to be underutilising the full potential of ICTs to boost productivity. The Digital Economy team commissioned this study to better understand the relationship between ICT use and productivity growth as part of an evidence base to inform advice.

Infographic — summary of the research findings [PDF 219KB]

Research Report — Business ICT use and productivity growth in New Zealand [PDF 3MB]

Accelerating a Connected New Zealand

NZTech, in partnership with the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment have released a vision for New Zealand as a Digital Nation: From Tech Sector to Digital Nation.

The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment is a member of the IOT Alliance, and you can read the report on the impact of the Internet of Things for New Zealand on the NZTech website.

Virtual Gets Real: The Explosion of Cross-Reality in New Zealand

The NZVRARA (The New Zealand VR/AR Association Inc.), with support from MBIE, has released the first of two reports commissioned on the New Zealand VR/AR Ecosystem. The Report profiles a rapidly growing local industry that is predicted to contribute to New Zealand’s Digital Nation with annual revenues of NZ$324M and employ over 2,200 people in 2019.

Investor Guide to the NZ Tech Sector

The Technology Investment Network, in partnership with the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment have put together a guide for those who are interested in investing, or attracting investment, to the New Zealand Technology Sector.

Digital New Zealanders: The Pulse of Our Nation

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and the Department of Internal Affairs commissioned research into digital inclusion to gain a deeper insight into the New Zealand context and to broaden the evidence base from which New Zealand digital inclusion policy, programmes and initiatives could be developed.

The research identifies groups most at risk of digital exclusion in New Zealand. It also outlines digital inclusion initiatives under way in New Zealand, analyses the policy and measurement frameworks used in other countries to tackle digital exclusion and offers an analysis of the basic digital capabilities New Zealanders need to thrive in an increasingly online world.

The research makes a number of recommendations focused on improving the digital capabilities of New Zealanders and will form a key input for MBIE and DIA’s ongoing consideration of what is needed to improve digital inclusion in New Zealand.

The research was completed by the Digital Inclusion Research Group, which includes Zwimpfer Communications, Auckland University of Technology, Victoria University of Wellington and a number of independent researchers.

From Tech Sector to Digital Nation

The New Zealand Technology Industry Association (NZTech) released its report “Digital Nation New Zealand: from Tech Sector to Digital Nation” in 2016. The report is an analysis of the impact of the tech sector and technology on the New Zealand economy.


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