Have Your Say: Disclosure regulations for third-party fundraisers

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5pm on Friday, 22 April 2016
Discussion document: Regulations for soliciting on behalf of charities PDF Document 547kb


On 11 December 2015, the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs released a discussion document seeking comment on possible information disclosure regulations for third-party fundraisers making requests for funds for charitable purposes.

Third-party fundraisers are commercial businesses used by many charities to raise funds. They are either professional fundraisers or commercial operators that have an association with a charity and donate a portion of their profits from selling a good or service.

In 2012 the Government amended the Fair Trading Act 1986 by inserting section 28A to allow for disclosure regulations to be made for third-party fundraisers, but no regulations have been made yet.

Disclosure regulations would require third-party fundraisers to disclose prescribed information about their fundraising activities when asking for donations.

The Ministry has consulted on potential disclosure regulations, and Ministers are considering further steps.