In November 2011 Cabinet agreed that the patent attorney profession should be regulated jointly with Australia under a trans-Tasman regime. In March 2013 the Australian and New Zealand Governments signed a bilateral arrangement setting out how the trans-Tasman regime would be implemented under each country’s law.

Bilateral arrangement

In March 2013 Australia and New Zealand signed a bilateral arrangement for implementing the trans-Tasman patent attorney regime. The regime will provide a single system of accreditation, registration and professional regulation of patent attorneys in both countries.

The bilateral arrangement is based on Cabinet decisions made in November 2011. The arrangement is to be implemented through legislation. A Bill was introduced into Parliament in November 2015.


The development and signature of the bilateral arrangement followed a Cabinet decision in November 2011 for the registration regime under the Patents Act 1953 to be replaced by a single trans-Tasman registration regime for Australiana and New Zealand patent attorneys.


Discussion document and submissions

Public feedback was sought on a discussion paper concerning a single trans-Taman regulatory framework for patent attorneys. Submissions on the discussion document closed in May 2011.


Australian submissions


New Zealand submissions


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