Copyright refers to the exclusive rights given to owners of original works such as literature, artistic works, films and sound recordings.

In New Zealand, copyright is an automatic right that takes effect as soon as an original work is created, published or performed.


Review of the Copyright Act 1994

In June 2017 the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs released a terms of reference to launch a review of the Copyright Act 1994.

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The Marrakesh Treaty

The Marrakesh Treaty is a multilateral treaty concluded by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2013.

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Copyright and the creative sector

A study into the role of copyright and designs in the creative sector.

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Notice process to cover infringing file sharing

Read about the notice process under sections 122A to 122U of the Copyright Act 1994.

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Copyright protection in New Zealand

Overview of copyright protection in New Zealand, including what is covered by copyright and what is not.

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Copyright protection overseas

Introduction to international copyright laws relevant to New Zealand.

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Copyright (New Technologies) Amendment Act

A government review of the implications of digital technology for the Copyright Act 1994 resulted in the Copyright (New Technologies) Amendment Act 2008.

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Performers' rights

Performers' rights are a type of intellectual property right. They are sometimes called 'neighbouring' or 'related rights' to copyright, but are independent from the copyright that may exist in a work that may be performed.

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