Competition assessments

We provide advice on the impacts of government policies and proposed regulation on competition and consumers.

Competition assessments in Regulatory Impact Statements

Regulation sets the rules to allow markets to work better. However, poorly designed regulation can have the opposite effect and detrimentally affect competition and innovation.

As a general rule, any restrictions on competition in regulation should be the minimum necessary to achieve the public interest objectives and the public benefits of that regulation should materially outweigh the competition detriments.

The OECD has prepared a guide to assist policy makers to take into account the competition impacts of proposed regulation. View the OECD Competition Assessment Toolkit for further information.

Occupational regulation

The aim of regulations for occupations is broadly to protect the public from the risks of an occupation being carried out incompetently or recklessly.

In 1998, Cabinet agreed to adopt a policy framework for regulating occupations.

The Ministry should be consulted on any occupational regulation proposals that materially impact on competition or consumers.

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