Skills, innovation and productivity

For the long-term growth of the building and construction sector, skills and productivity need to be lifted. The building regulatory system has the potential to enhance or hinder productivity in the sector.

New Zealand’s performance-based building regulatory system allows flexibility. It enables and encourages the building and construction industry to develop innovative and cost-effective building design, technology and systems.

We need to ensure our labour market and skills systems provide opportunities for people in construction-related occupations and businesses. This will increase the number of skilled people and innovative firms in the building and construction sector.

Construction Skills Action Plan

Lifting the capability and capacity of the construction workforce is a priority for the government, and key to the achievement of the Government’s goals for KiwiBuild, health, education, transport and regional development.

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Construction contracts

The Construction Contracts Act 2002 (the Act) regulates payment provisions in construction contracts.

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Labour Market Adjustment

The Labour Market Adjustment in the Construction Industry report examines how the construction industry workforce responds to changing labour demand.

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National construction pipeline

The national construction pipeline report provides the market with a six-year projection of national building and construction work. It includes national and regional breakdowns of actual and forecast residential building, non-residential building and infrastructure activity.

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Productivity Partnership

The Building and Construction Productivity Partnership between industry and government (2011-2014) was established to address the issue of low sector productivity. The partnership developed a range of research and evidence on sector productivity issues.

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