Accountability and liability within the sector

As New Zealand experiences strong growth in building and construction, the challenge is to ensure quality is maintained while work increases.

The Government’s 2009 review of the building and construction sector found that the building regulatory system can be costly and inefficient when sector participants and regulators respond inappropriately to the risks posed by poor quality construction and poor maintenance.

In August 2010, the Government identified the need for several changes to the building regulatory system for:

  • clearer accountabilities for owners, designers, builders and building consent authorities
  • consumer protection and remedy changes, including mandatory contracts and disclosure requirements on builders
  • work to develop risk-based consenting, to ensure that the amount of checking and inspection required is aligned to the complexity of the work, and the skills and capabilities of the people doing the work.

Find out more about the changes following the Government’s 2009 Building Act review.

The Government is also considering the Law Commission’s recommendations to cap building consent authority liability and to develop a residential building warranty scheme.