Responsible camping funding recipients for summer 2019/20

Following on from the success of last summer, the Government has announced that a further $8 million is being made available to continue to help encourage responsible camping around New Zealand.

Auckland Council

$201,360 for:

  • monitoring and education
  • provide information to campers.

Buller District Council

$377,872 for:

  • toilet cleaning
  • waste management
  • site maintenance
  • additional monitoring and compliance capacity
  • provide education and information for campers.


$318,550 for:

  • a continuation of the pilot camera solution paired with AI which provides real-time data to freedom campers by way of a mobile app in existing sites and extending it to additional sites for 2019/20 peak season.

Central Hawkes Bay District Council

$26,115 for:

  • extra toilet facilities and maintenance in some remote campsites
  • signage
  • provide education to community camping committees.

Central Otago District Council

$377,338 for:

  • installation of temporary facilities at three campsites
  • vehicle counters at Lake Dunstan and Roxburgh
  • signage
  • monitoring
  • servicing and maintenance of all campsites.

Christchurch City Council

$233,000 for:

  • signage
  • toilet maintenance in freedom camping hotspots
  • monitoring and enforcement
  • an educational marketing campaign.

Dunedin City Council

$161,136 for:

  • temporary toilet facilities
  • monitoring and enforcement
  • increased security patrols
  • a Ranger programme for education and information.

Far North District Council

$288,500 for:

  • a gap and opportunities analysis
  • increased toilet facility servicing
  • an extension of the Kaitiaki Rangers Programme to promote responsible camping.

Gisborne District Council

$325,905 for:

  • increased visitor education through signage and advertising
  • monitoring and compliance
  • operational expenses to service various responsible campsites across the region.

Grey District Council

$114,500 for:

  • signage
  • supply and install of bins
  • increased operating expenses for public toilets and recycling facilities.

Hurunui District Council

$144,304 for:

  • solid waste facilities
  • responsible camping ambassadors
  • signage
  • monitoring, education and enforcement.

Kaikoura District Council

$271,300 for:

  • servicing various responsible campsites
  • by-law enforcement and education
  • camping education and monitoring
  • a visitor, business and community survey.

Kapiti Coast District Council

$90,000 for:

  • improved business intelligence and on-the-ground engagement (monitoring and education) with campers
  • improvements for online messaging and physical signage.

Mackenzie District Council

$215,011 for:

  • Responsible Camping Ambassadors
  • signage and education
  • servicing and maintenance of existing camping sites.

Manawatu District Council

$34,564 for:

  • increased cleaning of temporary ablution blocks
  • a custodian and security at Vinegar Hill and 3 other sites.

Marlborough District Council

$183,610 for:

  • monitoring and enforcement
  • education and information for campers.

Nelson City Council

$256,878 for:

  • an ambassador programme
  • temporary toilets and washrooms hub
  • waste management and recycling
  • education
  • a user survey.

Opotiki District Council

$85,764 for:

  • extra toilet facilities
  • signage
  • additional monitoring and compliance capacity.

Queenstown Lakes District Council

$788,961 for:

  • 2 camping hubs
  • new signage
  • education and information for campers
  • increased monitoring and compliance capacity.

Rangitikei District Council

$37,071 for:

  • toilet and rubbish facilities and associated operating costs across a range of location.

Rotorua Lakes Council

$58,876 for:

  • responsible camping sites maintenance
  • monitoring and compliance.

Selwyn District Council

$223,600 for:

  • monitoring and compliance staffing costs
  • waste management system maintenance at 4 camping sites
  • servicing costs for 7 toilets.

South Wairarapa District Council

$55,000 for:

  • 6 toilet facilities at Ngawi
  • toilet tanks, dump stations and toilets servicing at coastal area.

Tararua District Council

$25,960 for:

  • mowing
  • toilets cleaning and rubbish collection for overnight camping sites.

Tasman District Council

$168,080 for:

  • two temporary toilets facilities and servicing
  • monitoring and enforcement
  • signage and additional waste bins to manage capacity.

Taupo District Council

$145,852 for:

  • toilets and dishwashing station servicing
  • directional signage
  • education and enforcement.

Tauranga City Council

$183,000 for:

  • extra toilets servicing and rubbish facilities at popular camping sites
  • enforcement and monitoring
  • education and information for campers.

Thames-Coromandel District Council

$721,774 for:

  • increased service at 59 different toilet facilities across the region
  • an ambassador programme
  • education and information for campers.

Timaru District Council

$40,440 for:

  • an ambassador programme
  • signage at Patiti Point and Caroline Bay.

Waikato District Council

$370,000 for:

  • monitoring and enforcement
  • increased septic drainage and rubbish collection
  • development of a communications and engagement plan
  • an ambassador programme.

Waimate District Council

$12,800 for:

  • partial funding of a compliance officer role
  • improvement of signage around the district.

Wairoa District Council

$200,000 for:

  • freedom camping wardens
  • servicing toilet blocks, waste tanks and rubbish/recycling facilities
  • increasing freedom camping signs and brochures across the district.

Waitaki District Council

$170,000 for:

  • ambassadors
  • freedom camping information and signage
  • servicing of toilet facilities in Kaitaki Straight.

Waitomo District Council

$211,400 for:

  • 2 responsible camping wardens
  • operational costs for additional servicing of toilets and rubbish facilities at 14 visitor sites across the district.

Western Bay of Plenty

$133,032 for:

  • monitoring and enforcement
  • continuation of the Freedom Camping Education Programme.

Westland District Council

$401,000 for:

  • temporary installation of toilets and bin modules at various camping sites
  • operational costs related to servicing campsite
  • four part-time compliance officers.

Whakatane District Council

$156,000 for:

  • a full-time ambassador
  • operational costs of maintaining campsites
  • security patrol across five key camping sites.

Whanganui District Council

$12,000 for:

  • the establishment of an ambassador programme to provide education relating to campers and locals on responsible camping in the area.

Whangarei District Council

$245,000 for:

  • an ambassador programme
  • monitoring and enforcement
  • portaloos
  • additional servicing of public toilets
  • signage and bollards and temporary fencing
  • an information and communication programme.