Funding for summer 2019/20

Following on from the success of last summer, the Government has announced that a further $8 million is being made available to continue to help encourage responsible camping around New Zealand.

Responsible Camping funding recipients for Summer 2019/20

The summer 2019/20 responsible camping funding will be available for operating costs including education and enforcement projects, ambassador programmes, as well as temporary facilities like showers and toilets.

The funding will not be available for capital costs. Applications for capital projects, such as permanent shower or toilet blocks, carparks can be directed to the Tourism Infrastructure Fund.

Timing for the responsible camping funding round:

  • Mid May 2019 - criteria and application process available on the MBIE website.
  • 1 June 2019 – responsible camping funding round opens
  • 14 June 2019 – funding round closes
  • Early July 2019 – successful programmes announced
  • Summer 2019/20 – successful programmes to be up and running


Funding will be subject to the following principles:

  • Initiatives must be in place for the 2019/20 peak season,
  • Initiatives must be for education, enforcement and/or ambassador programmes and temporary facilities for the summer,
  • Where Councils have a significant number of similar investments proposed (eg for a range of campsites and/or other infrastructure) they will be asked to prioritise,
  • Funding will not be available for permanent infrastructure in most cases which should be applied for through the Tourism Infrastructure Fund,
  • Funding will not be provided for initiatives that are in direct competition with the commercial sector,
  • Regional and inter-agency initiatives are promoted,
  • Staffing costs are consistent throughout the country
  • Initiatives will be funded for a maximum six-month period only (Labour Weekend to Anzac Weekend), although peak season will vary between regions, and
  • All initiatives will be subject to a post-season review to determine their effectiveness or otherwise.

Local authorities who request funding for monitoring and enforcement activities are encouraged to take an ambassador approach, educating campers on responsibilities and promoting compliant behaviour.

Local authorities are encourages to pilot new and innovative approaches to address the issues caused by freedom camping that can be shared potentially with ither Councils. They should identify initiatives that would maintain social licence, and reduce the negative environmental impacts of unmanaged freedom camping.

Listed below are some of the initiatives that have been funded to date. This is not an exclusive list:

  • Operating Costs (if not included in any Tourism Infrastructure Fund application)
    • Servicing of toilet/ablution blocks, includes cleaning, replacement of hand towels, toilet paper, soap etc
    • Pumping out waste tanks and associated costs
    • Servicing of rubbish and recycling facilities
  • Education, Monitoring and Enforcement
    • Monitoring of campsites
    • Dealing with complaints
    • Monitoring of rubbish and recycling facilities and toilet facilities
    • Liaison with Police, NZTA, local roading authorities
    • Signage, information brochures
    • Salaries, uniforms, travel allowances for wardens/ambassadors
    • Training costs
    • Vehicle costs (lease or purchase)

Apply for funding

Applications for funding closed on Friday 14 June 2019

Responsible Camping funding recipients for Summer 2019/20

Last updated: 29 May 2019