Tourism data tools

From this page you can access useful tools that summarise and enable you to further explore our tourism data.

In this section

Key tourism statistics fact sheet

This fact sheet provides a quick summary of the most up-to-date results for each of the main tourism statistics for New Zealand.

New Zealand Tourism Dashboard

The New Zealand Tourism Dashboard is a 1-stop shop for all information about tourism presented using dynamic graphs and data tables.

RTO fact sheets

These fact sheets summarise tourism spending and accommodation statistics by regional tourism organisation, using data from our Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (MRTEs) and the Accommodation Survey.

MRTE Data Insights Viewer

Explore the Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (MRTEs) using the MRTE Data Insights Viewer.

International tourism forecasts tool

We've provided an interactive web tool that you can use to further explore the international forecast results for major markets.

Regional Economic Activity Tools

The regional economic activity web tool, mobile app and reports are tools to explore information and data on New Zealand's regions.