Accommodation survey review

In 2014, we carried out a review of the Accommodation Survey jointly with Stats NZ.

Purpose of the review

The review fulfilled one of the recommendations of the 2011 Tourism Data Domain Plan (TDDP):

"Review the Accommodation Survey in conjunction with the accommodation sector associations to reduce the respondent load of CAM data and improve its use and reliability. Information needs for the accommodation sector are also to be addressed as part of this."

Review recommendations

Jointly with Stats NZ, we agreed to the following recommendations from the review:

  1. Keep the Accommodation Survey scope as status quo — that is, don't change any of the questions and/or the definition of the population.
  2. Reduce respondent and collection loads by introducing an API (Application Programming Interface) for Property Management Systems (PMS) to automatically send data to Stats NZ.
  3. Improve usability via dissemination and presentational improvements by:
    • Improving Stats NZ’s monthly releases to ensure they are more user-friendly.
    • Publishing summary graphics of all accommodation data.
    • Including more granular data on Infoshare.
    • Updating all RTO-TA classifications.
  4. Continue investigations on the use of sampling and modelling to enhance the Accommodation Survey data.
  5. Commission a 1-off piece of research to obtain insights into sectors that aren't covered in the Accommodation Survey where demand for data is high, such as holiday homes.

See the documents below for more information:

Accommodation Survey Review: Recommendations — February 2015 [PDF, 577 KB]

Accommodation Survey Review: Consultation paper — August 2014 [PDF, 1.3 MB]