Accommodation Survey

The Accommodation Survey provided information about short-term commercial accommodation activity at national, regional, and lower levels.

The Survey's last release was on 14 November 2019 with the publication of September 2019 data. Historical monthly regional tourism organisation (RTO) reports are available based on this information.

MBIE is leading a procurement process that is looking for an alternative to the Accommodation Survey collection. An evaluation panel, comprising representatives from MBIE, Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) and Regional Tourism Organisations NZ (RTNZ), has evaluated proposals and identified a shortlist of respondents. The successful respondent and an indicative timeline will likely be announced in December or January.

 We expect the new provider to be up and running sometime in the first half of 2020. Consequently, a data gap is expected.

While a data gap is unfortunate, on balance, MBIE and the evaluation panel members consider it more important that we find a long-term, robust solution that works for the sector.

In this section

Regional Tourism Organisation reports

The September 2019 Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) reports, which are based on data from the Accommodation Survey released by Stats NZ.

Accommodation survey review

In 2014, we carried out a review of the Accommodation Survey jointly with Stats NZ.

Planning the future of accommodation data in New Zealand

MBIE is working with industry and local government to identify alternative and innovative means of gathering accommodation data. This follows Stats NZ's announcement that the Accommodation Survey will end in November 2019 with publication of September 2019 data.

Other data available

You can get additional Accommodation Survey data from the Insights page of the Stats NZ website(external link).

Last reviewed: 11 July 2019