Co-governance of tourism data and insights

Quality tourism data and insights have been a longstanding matter of concern for the sector, and the major disruptions of COVID-19 have accelerated the need to improve our tourism data system.

Background information

In late 2019, the Minister of Tourism called for a Tourism Information and Data Hui (the Hui). The Hui brought together members of the tourism industry, Government, and academia to identify priorities and solutions relating to tourism data and research.

Tourism Information and Data Hui

The consensus among participants was that shifting towards a more collaborative data system would better meet the needs of the tourism sector and Government.

Following the Hui, MBIE commissioned an options report to guide the move to co-governance (the PWC Tourism data co-governance options report). The PWC report recommended a model to support the change in approach, embed collaboration in the sector, and shape the tourism information and data system over the long term.

Based on recommendations from the PWC report, a workshop in March 2021 with key tourism stakeholders and approval from the Minister of Tourism, we have drafted a Terms of Reference (TOR) that will guide the establishment and functioning of the Co-governance Group.

Industry consultation on the shift to co-governance

We are interested in hearing your thoughts on the draft TOR. Specifically, we would appreciate your feedback on the following:

1. Vision, purpose and objectives

Are these aims sufficient for shaping an improved tourism data system? Are we missing anything?

2. Co-governance membership

What do you consider would be the best membership to support the establishment phase of the tourism collaborative data system?

3. Engagement with the tourism sector

How would you like the Co-governance Group to engage with the sector so that diverse voices and needs around data and insights are incorporated into its actions?

Please send your feedback to by 29 June 2021.

Please note any submission may be the subject of requests for information under the Official Information Act 1982 (OIA).

Once received, we will collate, analyse and build your feedback into an updated term of reference, which will then be available on this website.

Last updated: 30 June 2021