Working from home

You have been asked to work from home, if possible. We know some of you in certain roles will not be in a position to work from home.

ICT can confirm that all essential workers and BAU staff with remote capable devices can connect remotely at any time, using their usual method such as:

  1. Windows 8/10 laptops which use Direct Access
  2. Windows 7 laptops using VPN
  3. Citrix either from a personal device or from a work device

ICT have completed a number of upgrades to Citrix and VPN and are happy that they are performing well. If you experience any issues connecting, or using any applications, please check your home WiFi first and if problems persist contact the MBIE Service Desk.

Read our working fromhome checklist

Staying connected during our COVID-19 response

As we settle into our new way of working, connecting with others is more important than ever. Staying in touch can help to make us feel safer, less stressed and less anxious.

MBIE’s Staying connected kete offers advice around how to set up your new work space and find alternative ways to communicate during our COVID-19 response, in addition to some helpful tips from the Mental Health Foundation.

Staying connected kete

MBIE ICT guide to working remotely

MBIE ICT has created a go-to guide providing key information and guidance to support individuals and teams who are working remotely. The guide includes details of new tools that have been made available to help MBIE people stay connected during our response to COVID-19, in addition to providing guidance on how to access the MBIE network using a range of devices.

ICT guide to working remotely (hosted on Te Taura)(external link)

If you do not currently have access to Te Taura, you can request the guide from your People Leader.

For hints and tips to assist you while working from home, see the Working from home guide 

Last updated: 11 May 2020