Working from home guide

Here are some hints, tips and resources to assist you while working from home. Please keep in touch with your people leader if something is limiting your productivity.

Home work environment

  • Make sure you are using comfortable furniture and your work equipment and lighting are suited to the task you are doing
  • Manage your own in-house safety, such as checking smoke alarms, maintaining electrical equipment, using a surge protector on your computer if possible. Use equipment issued, tagged and tested by MBIE, where possible

Good ergonomic practices

  • Reduce pain and discomfort by checking you have the correct and comfortable posture while working. Te Puna Ora has some good guides on how you can protect your body at work
  • Take regular breaks to vary posture and prevent long periods of repetitive actions.
  • For further help to prevent and manage any discomfort, pain and injury while working from home, visit Workstation Setup and How to set up a remote workstation on Te Puna Ora.
  • Report any discomfort, pain and injury as soon as possible via the event reporting tool (Zambion).


  • Agree the best way to communicate with your People Leader (e.g. regular individual check-ins, team meetings and a process for ad hoc calls).
  • Inform your People Leader of any changes to your wellbeing, health, safety and security while working from home (e.g. isolation, noisy construction nearby, domestic violence, etc)

Mental health

  • Identify any potential distractions by setting up your workstation and establish boundaries around your work hours with your partner, children and/or house mates
  • Stay connected via phone, email and/or online to keep you across latest developments with work, your team and organisation. Follow routines by getting ready for work the same way you would when going into the office, and try to stick to the work schedule/plan you have agreed to with your People Leader
  • Be flexible – routines are useful, however under the circumstances you need to be flexible, looking after yourself and your family first. We understand productivity may be reduced and there will be times when you can’t work
    as you would usually expect.
  • Use outdoor spaces when you take breaks and try doing some exercises
    or other activity as part of your working day
  • Check A Guide for Maintaining Health and Wellbeing, a handbook covering physical, psychological, family and spiritual health, in our wellbeing hub Te Puna Ora
  • If you are feeling stressed and are experiencing personal difficulties at work or home, please connect with Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – contact them online or by phoning 0800 327 669 (0800 EAP NOW), International +64 9 353 0906 or contact the Wellbeing, Health and
    Safety team.


The MBIE Code of Conduct and all other internal policies such as Privacy, ICT Acceptable Use, Declarations of Interest and Sensitive expenditure still apply whether we work on site or from home.

Connecting remotely

All users with remote capable devices (laptops or tablets) can connect to MBIE’s network at any time using Direct Access, VPN or Citrix.

ICT support

For ICT support, contact MBIE’s Service Desk by email, on 0508 624 348 within New Zealand or +64 4 896 5688 from overseas.

Stay connected

To help you stay connected with your MBIE colleagues, there are a range of secure applications you can use:

  • Zoom desktop application or in-browser functionality
  • Signal mobile application
  • Conference calling via iPhone
  • FaceTime via iPhone or iPad

For further information on how to use and access these applications, please visit Te Taura.

A PDF version of this content is available on Te Taura.

Last updated: 11 May 2020