Essential workers and business continuity

Our Senior Leadership Team has established a COVID-19 Incident Management Team responsible for MBIE's COVID-19 response. The newly created DCE COVID-19 is responsible for Incident Response as part of the MBIE SLT accountabilities and governance.

Four workstreams have been established to support the key areas of focus for us:

  • Border and Visa Operations
  • Economic and Policy (including Workplaces)
  • Infrastructure
  • MBIE Enterprise

This four streams are supported by the Incident Management Team (IMT). They are meeting regularly to make sure we are prepared and business continuity plans are updated.

More information is available on Te Taura but you must be inside the MBIE network to access this page(external link)

Many people across MBIE are involved in the COVID-19 response, from Immigration, policy teams, emergency management, procurement and health, safety and wellbeing.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) is leading New Zealand’s approach to the outbreak. For the latest updates, information and advice, COVID-19 on the Ministry of Health website.

COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) on the Minsitry of Health website(external link)


Guidance on childcare arrangements for essential workers.

Essential workers will need to use their existing networks for in home care, for example a neighbor, relative, friend or current carer/nanny who can come to their house, or provide childcare in their own home.

There are Public Health rules you need to comply with:

  • the person providing care of your children of essentially become an extension of your self-isolating household group
  • this group must remain the same for the whole 4-week period
  • the carer should not care for children from other households (other than their own) over the same period
  • if a child or carer becomes unwell, they must stay at home.

If you are unable to access childcare to perform your essential service, the government has agreed that it will fund other licensed childcare providers (for example through PORSE, Barnados and Edubase / Home Grown Kids) to provide in home care to the children aged 0-14 of essential workers. The carer would be subject to the same Public Health rules as set out above.

For the purposes of providing care to children of essential workers, the in-home carer will be classified as an essential worker.

List of contact details for providers

Barnados link)
0800 BARNARDOS (0800 227 627)

Edubase / Home Grown Kids

0508 44 54 37 link)

PORSE link)
0800 023 456

More information is available on the  COVID-19 website(external link).

MBIE sites

Our cleaning companies have been provided with the Ministry of Health guidelines for cleaning. Appropriate cleaning products and methods are being used.

MBIE has arranged an intensive cleaning regime for areas that have moved to activity based working. We are also providing cleaning products at each site to enable people to clean the desks, keyboards and mice they are using.

The Ministry of Health has advised there is limited evidence of transmission through contaminated surfaces and basic hand hygiene and sneezing and coughing protocols will reduce this risk considerably.

Business continuity

Each business group across the organisation has its own business continuity plans, which have been developed for specific business needs in emergency situations.

All general managers are working to prioritise critical services and systems that must be kept running, such as payroll system.

At this time we are reserving network space for the incident team and essential services. MBIE BAU teams working from home are reminded not to use remote access services unless you have been given express approval.

If you have technical issues while working from home, let your manager know. They will work with you to resolve them.

Business continuity planning (Te Taura link - you must be inside the MBIE network to access this page)(external link)

Office closures

Office closures: Our Beijing office remains closed. Work has been transferred to other offices. Border colleagues have been provide with specific protective measures as required. The Mumbai and Manilla offices are now closed, along with our Pacific offices.

Last updated: 26 March 2020