Professional development workshops developed by G-REG for people across the regulatory sector.

About the workshops

As part of the G-REG Professional Development Programme, we are building a range of workshops based around topics professionally relevant to many regulators. The aim of these workshops will be to create an opportunity to learn and apply new knowledge or information.

Some of our workshops will be customisable and available on demand. In addition, if you have a specific workshop topic in mind, dependent on capacity the G-REG team are happy to work collaboratively to develop a workshop suited to your agency/group.

Regulatory Stewardship workshop

This two-hour workshop can be delivered online or in-person; facilitated by a member of the G-REG team, or by someone in your team. G-REG will provide a facilitators guide and all the resources you need.

The workshop covers 5 key questions:

  1. Why do we have regulatory stewardship?
  2. What is regulatory stewardship?
  3. What is a regulatory system?
  4. How does this apply to your specific role?
  5. What does good stewardship look like?

Attendees are encouraged to engage throughout the workshop whether this is through the chat and Q&A forum online or in-person Q&A throughout. This can help cement the learnings in a way relevant to the group undertaking the workshop.


My team and I have only recently been introduced to the subject of Regulatory Stewardship. We needed to get everyone thinking about stewardship before we could embark on embedding this more formally into our work. The workshop that was developed and run by the G-REG team was a great way to do that. It has helped us to start to think about the work we do differently.

Group Manager, Customs

Our stewardship workshop with G-REG was a great success, providing staff with an excellent starter kit for practicing regulatory stewardship. MPI staff benefitted from the chance to chat stewardship with experts from across government, hear about stewardship in action, and see what it looks like on the ground. The key notes and themes resonated with our audience and the interactive format made for a lively show.

Manager, MPI

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