We deliver webinars on a range of topics relevant to regulators.

Monthly 'Conversation' series

Around the last Friday of each month G-REG hosts a conversation style webinar with a range of guests, covering a different topic each month.

These free webinars are open to everyone in the regulatory sector and are a great opportunity to listen to insightful discussions with a range of skilled panellists. You can watch it individually at your computer or host a watch party with others in your team/area.

Upcoming webinars

We highlight a new topic of our 'Conversations' series monthly.

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During the webinar you are encouraged to engage with our panellists through the chat and Q&A functions on Zoom.

Do you have an interesting idea for a webinar? Get in touch with us to share your thoughts. We love hearing what the community are interested in or what you think would be an insightful, thought-provoking topic.

Our YouTube channel

All out webinars are uploaded to YouTube within 2 to 4 weeks of delivery. You can find these, and other filmed G-REG content, on our dedicated YouTube Channel.

Government Regulatory Practice Initiative channel(external link) — YouTube