Our Masterclasses explore fundamental aspects of regulatory practice as they apply to modern regulatory and compliance organisations.

Masterclass in Regulation for Board Members

The Masterclass is designed to provide Board Members of regulatory organisations with the “literacy” required to govern regulatory organisations. Regulatory literacy is a means of identifying, understanding, and interpreting regulatory challenges and their solutions, and communicating about these in a coherent manner.

A good knowledge and understanding of modern regulatory practice with a focus on governance is essential for all members of regulatory Boards because:

  • The delivery of regulatory and compliance activity is a specialist area that draws on history, concepts, theories, and practices that may not be familiar  to Chairs and Board members moving into governance roles in regulatory and compliance.
  • This base knowledge is essential for regulatory Board members for both governance and the development of strategic.
  • Some regulatory and compliance agencies have within them roles and functions that have statutory independence from the governance board, and from the Minister.
  • The governance questions and lines of enquiry Chairs and Board members use with executive management should be pertinent to the strategies, systems, capability, and culture required of a successful regulatory and compliance.

How the course is delivered


Our Masterclasses are delivered online.


The Masterclass in Regulation for Board Members is led by Professor van der Heijden.


There are 4 sessions scheduled fortnightly, across eight weeks. Each session is 2 hours long, and broken into 4 segments, which have approximately 1 hour each of pre-reading.


Each segment addresses a key element of regulatory and compliance history, concepts, and theories. They are pitched in a way that is relevant to governance of regulatory and compliance organisations. Each segment draws on a short, pre-recorded lecture (5 to 7 minutes each) and the pre-reading.

Participants are provided guiding questions for the segments. The exact focus of the guided discussions will depend on the cohort of participants. With one cohort we may focus more on digitisation challenges, whilst with another more on fairness and wellbeing challenges.

The Masterclass does not involve tests or assignment. Consequently, it does not lead to a certificate or diploma.

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