Annual conference

A highlight of the regulatory community (since 2015) is the annual G-REG conference.

Recent G-REG conferences

G-REG conferences have been running since 2015. These have ranged from in person conferences spread across Aotearoa New Zealand to conferences delivered as a multi-day virtual event.

The 2022 G-REG Conference was held in person in Wellington on 23 November. View these resources on our 2022 Conference playlist on our YouTube channel here:

2022 Conference playlist(external link) — YouTube

We had keynote presentations from:

  • Grant Barnes, Chief Regulator Officer, NSW Natural Resources Access Regulator "Building trust: when actions speak louder than words"
  • Bill Bayfield, Chief Executive, Taumata Arowai "Incorporating Te Ao Māori from the outset - Establishing Taumata Arowai"
  • Lil Anderson, Chief Executive, Te Arawhiti & ANZSOG Leadership and Teaching Fellow "Stewarding the Maori Crown partnership into the future"
  • Melissa Clark-Reynolds, ONZM, Foresight Practitioner "Innovation for Future Generations”.

And excellent panel discussions with:

  • Janet Whiteside, Matt Paterson, Oliver Hendrickson and Dr Allan Freeth: “Climate Change”
  • Michael Howden and Puti Wilson: “Data-driven Regulation”
  • John Sneyd and Debbie Butler: “Regulatory Stewardship”
  • Keith Manch, Vanessa Horne, Kane Patena and Suzanne Stew: “Are regulated parties customers?”

Recordings and resources

2021 G-REG conference, 'Conversations' a virtual conference which included 7 webinars and 5 films. View these resources on our 2021 Conference playlist on our YouTube channel here:

2021 'Conversations' conference: Film playlist(external link) — YouTube

2021 'Conversations' conference: Webinar playlist(external link) — YouTube

2020 G-REG conference, 'The Modern Regulator' a virtual event which included 10 webinars focusing on a range of topics. View these resources on our 2020 Conference playlist on our YouTube channel here:

2022 'The Modern Regulator' Conference: Webinar playlist(external link) — YouTube

If you would like access to conference resources from earlier than 2020, please visit our Resources for Regulators page:

Resources for regulators

If you would like conference materials from any of our other G-REG conferences, please get in touch.

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Last updated: 19 April 2023