Tertiary education specific advice

Tertiary education organisations (TEOs) consulted have indicated they require provision for 2023 to be rolled over for 2024. This section outlines any increases in provision requirements for TEO’s delivering tertiary education on the West Coast and does not include requirements for training that is not delivered on the West Coast – noting that the region has a high reliance on out of region provision.

The recommendations are:


Investment in new provision:

1. New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Operational Skills (Level 3)

2. New Zealand Certificate in Seafood Processing (Level 3)

3. National Certificate in Seafood Processing (Level 2)


Investment in new provision:

4. Certificate in Central Back Country and Predator Elimination Skills (micro credential)

5. Certificate in Track Maintenance (Level 3) (micro credential)

6. Certificate in Track Construction (Level 3) (micro credential)

On the horizon 2024 to 2025

Investment in new provision:

7. Cookery (Level 4) - Flexible delivery that blends in-work and on campus delivery

8. New Zealand Certificate in Hairdressing (Level 3)

9. New Zealand Certificate in Skills for living for supported learning (Level 1)

10. New Zealand Certificate in Business (introduction to small business)

11. Pre-construction trade soft/ skill intro to workplace

12. New Zealand Certificate in Pest Operations (Level 3) monitoring and/or control strand

13. Training scheme in Tourism Māori Guiding (Level 3)

14. Horticulture (Level 4) Nursery Skills - Regeneration of native forests

15. New Zealand Certificate in Conservation Operations (Level 4)

16. River Ranger

17. Conservation Leadership

18. New Zealand Certificate in Sustainable Primary Production (Level 4)

19. Micro credentials in environmental monitoring (including freshwater monitoring for farmers, carbon forestry monitoring, shellfish and kaimoana monitoring, monitoring of restoration sites)

20. Regenerative Tourism Training

21. New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing (Level 3)

22. New Zealand Certificate in Study and Career Preparation Pre-health Pathway (Level 4)

23. New Zealand Certificate in Sustainable Primary Production (Level 4)

24. Regenerative tourism (growing, harvesting, and eating food from a farm, beekeeping or trapping while looking for kiwi)

Foundation and supported learning

Increase of investment in:

25. Training scheme in Hospitality Supported Learning (Level 1)

PTE Funding

Increase of investment in:

26. PTE ACE provision to meets regional needs


Increase of investment in:

27. A funding system that delivers on regional needs. One size does not fit all

28. Fund training on projected demand rather than EFTS

29. Development of a contestable fund for ‘employability skill development’