Advice to the Tertiary Education Commission

Advice provided by the Wellington RSLG to the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) in March 2023 to inform supplementary guidance and investment for 2024.

Wellington Regional Skills Leadership Group (RSLG) covers an area which includes:

  • Wairarapa
  • Kāpiti
  • Porirua
  • Hutt Valley
  • Wellington.

In developing the Wellington Regional Workforce Plan (RWP), the RSLG has considered each part of the region. The plan has 5 strategic areas of focus:

  • maximising workforce
  • skills development
  • building connections
  • thriving workplaces
  • support for young people.

Currently our region is experiencing widespread skills and labour shortages. The current unemployment rate is 2.7% with an underutilisation rate of 9.3% (Statistics NZ Household Labour Force Survey Dec 2022) and low domestic migration. We need to ensure people all around our region can access skill development that will enable them to fill the widespread shortages the region is experiencing.

Wellington region’s first RWP has prioritised 7 sectors which are strategically significant to the region with workforce shortages:

  • construction
  • infrastructure
  • health (kaiāwhina workforce)
  • digital technologies
  • manufacturing
  • visitor
  • primary sector.

The RSLG has grouped construction and infrastructure for the purpose of this advice. Our advice to TEC for the 2024 year relates to these sectors.

About this advice 

This advice has been developed using information gathered through RSLG activity, engagement with stakeholders, and data analysis.

We have engaged with each of the Workforce Development Councils (WDCs) and with the major vocational education and training providers. Our advice aligns with information provided by WDCs. All WDCs have received our draft advice and 5 WDCs have engaged further to confirm or improve alignment.

Download the PDF version of this advice:

Last updated: 02 August 2023