Other advice to Tertiary Education Commission (TEC)

This section of advice focuses on the following areas; Youth, Literacy and Numeracy and Industry Feedback.


We need to address broader pipeline issues that go down to a secondary school level and support better collaboration between employers and schools to improve the provision of careers advice by embedding it into everyday learning and investing in careers advisor capability in the region. We have carried out much work with members of the Waikato community around better serving Youth and we will follow up with TEC and members of Ministry of Social Development (MSD) around how to invest in youth programs that provide for a greater succession into tertiary education and careers.

Literacy and numeracy

The Waikato region is home to many employers across a range of industries. Yet despite the region's economic growth and development, there remains a need for employers to increase their access to foundation numeracy and literacy programs for their workers. This is a theme that has been repeated previously in this advice. Although there is a plethora of programs available, industries have advised that this is not conducive to their employees and consideration should be made toward ‘in house’ micro-credentials or programs of support be brought into the industries.

Industry feedback

Industry feedback reflects strongly that (for the most part) we are not suffering from a lack of qualifications but rather there are issues in HOW qualifications are being delivered.