Advice for the Teritary Education Commision

Advice provided by the Waikato Regional Skills Leadership Group (RSLG) to the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) in April 2023 to inform supplementary guidance and investment for 2024.

This is the web version of the Waikato Regional Skills Leadership Group Advice for the Teritary Education Commision. 

Download the PDF version here [PDF, 1.1 MB]

About this advice

In preparing this advice for the TEC the Waikato RSLG engaged with:

  • several employers
  • peak bodies
  • unions
  • tertiary institutes
  • private training establishments
  • government agencies
  • local government
  • communities from across the Waikato RSLG area.

In launching the Waikato Regional Workforce Plan in 2022, the Waikato RSLG communicated to attendees our commitment to the ‘Farm to Port’ strategy and we extended an invitation to members to bring other ideas that they felt needed attention.

Waikato Regional Workforce Plan 

The launch stated our limitation of resources and our invitation was to bring new ideas that were well thought out and actionable. Although Health was another area for consideration, we have decided not to include it specifically as it needs a more considered response, which will be included in the Waikato RWP refresh.

This advice to TEC is across 2 areas:

  1. areas identified in the Waikato Regional Workforce Plan (RWP)
  2. initiatives from Community.
In this section

Areas identified in the Regional Workforce Plan

The following page outlines advice to Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) across 4 priority sectors identified in our Regional Workforce Plan (RWP); Digital Capability, Primary Industry, Manufacturing and Engineering and Construction and Infrastructure.

Initiatives from community

This page outlines a request to focus part of our Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) advice on the Equine sector after receiving feedback from community stakeholders on its potential.

Other advice to Tertiary Education Commission (TEC)

This section of advice focuses on the following areas; Youth, Literacy and Numeracy and Industry Feedback.

Alignment and overall triangulation

This section attempts to triangulate the insights from this report with the available advice from the Workforce Development Councils (WDC’s) and quantitative data.

Last updated: 18 May 2023