Te Rimu Trust

Upskilling and finding work locally in small rural communities can be challenging.

Te Rimu Trust, who own and manage 240 hectares of land in Te Araroa, has proudly been able to employ three local kaimahi. The business activities of the Trust are varied, ranging from beef grazing and establishing a lime orchard to mānuka production and river shingle extraction for road purposes.

Currently, the kaimahi are enjoying learning new skills while working in the lime orchard. They speak with great pride about being able to live locally and work on their whenua, noting that it has shown them what can be achieved on whānau land in the future.

Te Rimu Trust’s kaimahi acknowledge that getting access to further training and upskilling opportunities in a rural location would be challenging. Since learning in their own environment is so important to them, they are hesitant to move away from whānau or regularly travel to bigger centres for training.

Having more accessible upskilling and training opportunities would be especially helpful as the Trust considers its next project (supported by the MPI 1BT programme) – planting 92 hectares of native trees and setting up a nursery over a three- year period. This project will require at least four additional kaimahi by July 2022. For the Trust, having the ability to do training on the coast and provide local people with the skills they need for the jobs available to them would be a game changer.