Regional workforce demand profile: Industry focus

Identification of the detailed industries that will contribute to the forecasted workforce demand pressures.

Following on from the previous page, the information below identifies the detailed industries (ANZSIC Level 4) that are forecasted to have high workforce demand in Southland Murihiku. Each detailed industry identified is forecasted to contribute to 10% or more of the job openings in their respective high level industry.

When using this data, the same points outlined on the previous page for consideration should be applied. It should also be noted that this information has focused only on the industries that are rated high or above for the Southland Murihiku region as a whole (see previous page).

Note: this information does not include demand for emerging industries identified in the 2023 Regional Workforece Plan (RWP) refresh, which may further increase labour market pressure on existing sectors.

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Last updated: 08 June 2023