Areas of importance for the region

The 2022 Regional Workforce Plan (RWP) explored 4 sectors, and 1 demographic group in depth. The 2023 RWP refresh adds 2 emerging sectors, aquaculture and renewable energy, plus construction as a supporting sector. Spotlighted demographic groups are also expanded on.

The Regional Skills Leadership Group Regional Skills Leadership Group (RSLG) has identified a range of actions to support their labour market challenges and opportunities. In line with the RSLG’s aspiration, these actions should be considered using a te ao Māori lens.

Spotlighted Sectors (year added)

  • Manufacturing and Engineering (2022)
  • Food and Fibre (2022)
  • Tourism and Hospitality (2022)
  • Healthcare and Social Assistance (2022)
  • Construction (2023)
  • Aquaculture (2023)
  • Renewable Energy (2023)

It is important to note that these are not the only areas of significance for Southland Murihiku’s labour market. The RSLG will be spotlighting other sectors and demographics in the future, as both the group and the region evolves.

Priority demographic groups:

  • Rakatahi
  • Māori
  • People with learning differences
  • Older people
  • Women - particularly where under-represented in specific sectors for example, engineering, construction, and/or health (based on age profile gaps in the health sector).
Last updated: 08 June 2023