Information about career pathways supports career advice

Career pathways provide people with the information they need to see how they could start in a lower-level job and progress within that career with more training and experience.

When good quality career pathway information is widely available, it:

  • provides orientating information that helps people understand the opportunities and realities of working within a career (including what is required to progress). This is beneficial for people who are considering the pathway
  • helps people already employed in a sector move up within their roles and understand how to progress.

Career pathway information is available from a variety of sources, including the website, industry pages, and training provider websites.

Most information about career pathways is provided through static resources such as websites. As noted previously, static resources alone are not effective at helping people make career decisions – they need to be used in conjunction with other personal career support such as career guidance or work experience. The level of detail provided in the static resources also varies from industry to industry, with some just stating what potential career options are available, but not including any information about how to progress (such as training and time in the job). Limited information makes it difficult for people who are outside the industry and those already working in the industry to understand how to progress in a career and what skills and training is required.

For people already working within an industry, professional/career development plans are a key way of supporting them to identify and progress within their chosen career.

Summary of career pathway resources link)

Provides over 400 job profiles, including information about:

  • pay
  • length of training
  • job opportunities
  • entry requirements
  • working conditions.

Mana in Mahi

Mana in Mahi - For employers(external link) — Work and Income

Mana in Mahi - Strength in work(external link) — Work and Income

Government programme to support people into sustainable and meaningful work.

Employers who are willing to hire an eligible person and support them through a formal industry training qualification, including apprenticeships, are supported with a wage subsidy. Free coaching and mentoring services are also available.

Dairy NZ

Dairy NZ(external link)

Career pathways and different options, including information about:

  • what experience/skills are required (including training)
  • what the role involves
  • personal stories
  • salary expectations.

NZ Wine

NZ Wine(external link)

Information about the different steps in the career pathway and years of experience. Does not detail what sort of training or skills are required.

Tourism and Hospitality Service IQ

Service career kick-starter [PDF, 4.8MB](external link) — Service IQ

Career and qualification pathway, including personal stories.


Jobs(external link) — Forestry careers

Includes information about:

  • earning potential
  • pre-qualification requirements and opportunity to train
  • physical demand of the work – reality of the job
  • career progression pathways.

Aged care

Residential aged care(external link) — Life changing careers

Aged care(external link) — Careerforce

Includes information on:

  • what the job involves
  • the personal attributes you need
  • on the job training and links to Careerforce website
  • different types of roles (does not provide information on how to progress)
  • personal stories.

Building and construction

Careers(external link) — BCITO | Te Pūkenga

Includes information on:

  • job prospects
  • time to qualify
  • job opportunities (including opportunities for progression but no information on how to progress)
  • a virtual construction site – to “see trades for real”, to find out which trade is a good fit.


STEM Careers Engineering(external link) — Wonder Project

Downloadable handbook for Year 10 to 13 students who may be considering an engineering career. Includes information on:

  • the different engineering careers
  • recommended school subjects for different engineering pathways
  • post-school study options
  • career opportunities and specialisations.

Digital tech

Careers(external link) — NZ Tech

Provides links to resources.


Aeronautical Engineer(external link) —

Engineering programmes(external link) — Service IQ

Last updated: 07 December 2023