“What are you going to do with your life” is a question often asked of us, but one that can be very difficult to answer.

The importance of supporting people to make informed career decisions came through strongly when we were developing Te Mahere Ahumahi ā-Rohe o Te Tauihu o Te Waka-a-Māui | Marlborough Regional Workforce Plan (RWP) 2022. Good career advice helps anyone trying to answer that question and make a decision about their career. This includes those entering the workforce for the first time, people trying to progress within their careers and people looking at making a career change.

Each year about 200 Marlborough school leavers enter the workforce. In addition, about 20% of the Marlborough workforce switch jobs per year. About 12% of people change jobs and the industry they are working in annually (for example, retail to administration). We also have around 1,000 people who are unemployed and 13,000 people who are not in the labour force. All these people could benefit from career guidance.

Having people who are informed about careers also benefits our sectors. We have heard from our stakeholders that people have negative perceptions of what it means to work in many of our sectors. One perception is that career pathways are limited and there isn’t the opportunity to progress beyond entry level roles. If people are supported in making career decisions, they will be more aware of all the interesting careers available in our region.

The Marlborough Regional Skills Leadership Group (RSLG) reflected the importance of good career guidance in 4 of its RWP focus areas:

  • Career and learning pathways
  • Perceptions of industries and careers
  • Connections between schools and industry/education providers
  • Everyone in the region is aware of career and training opportunities

You can read the plan in full here:

Marlborough - Regional workforce plans

As a common year 1 action across these 4 focus areas the RSLG wanted to understand the career guidance system and what advice works and for whom.

This report supports our region to understand what careers advice is and the type of information career changers need, as well as the different operating and funding models. It also explores 2 areas of careers guidance: connections between students and employers, and career pathways.

This enables us to make evidence based and informed decisions about how to address these challenges and how to improve the support services in our region.

Jennifer Moxon and Corey Hebberd
Co-Chairs Marlborough Regional Skills Leadership Group

Last updated: 07 December 2023