Projected regional industry outlook

Hawke’s Bay currently has 12.5% of the regional workforce employed in the manufacturing sector, the largest employing sector, which is projected to be overtaken by Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing by 2028. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing is currently the second largest workforce in the region. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing job openings will have the highest job openings in the next 5 years.

Bar graph forecast of the top 10 industries by job openings in Hawke's Bay 2023 to 2028.

Forecast of top 10 industries by job openings Hawke's Bay, 2023 to 2028

Industry Percentage of total job openings Total job openings
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing 14.21% 4,197
Manufacturing 12.92% 3,817
Health Care and Social Assistance 12.16% 3,592
Retail Trade 10.36% 3,061
Education and Training 7.22% 2,134
Accommodation and Food Services 6.41% 1,895
Administrative and Support Services 5.89% 1,739
Public Administration and Safety 5.75% 1,699
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 4.64% 1,370
Construction 4.25% 1,255
5 construction workers in hi-vis vests and shorts next to a cubic wooden frame and ladder. 3 are in the foreground supervising, facing away from the camera, 2 are working on the structure.
Last updated: 24 July 2023