Fair Pay Agreements dashboard

The Fair Pay Agreements (FPA) dashboard provides an overview of all applications to initiate bargaining received by the Chief Executive (CE) of the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment and their progress through the Fair Pay Agreements system.

The Fair Pay Agreements system brings together unions and employer associations within a sector to bargain minimum employment terms for all covered employees in an industry or occupation. Eligible unions and employer associations may apply to represent employees and employers during fair pay negotiations.

FPA application progress

You can track the progress of the applications on this page and find key information about each proposed Fair Pay Agreement, including information on the bargaining parties, links to public submissions, notices, relevant decisions, and publications.

The dashboard is updated to reflect Fair Pay Agreements currently enforced.

Fair Pay Agreements status ribbon

Current FPA application numbers

Application stage Number
Applications being assessed (includes public submissions) 1
Public submissions 0
Approval to initiate bargaining and bargaining side formation 0
Bargaining 6
Compliance and coverage overlap check 0
Ratification 0
Bargaining ceased 0
Enforced Fair Pay Agreements 0
Total applications 7

Withdrawn or declined FPA application numbers

Applications Number
Applications withdrawn or declined
Total applications withdrawn or declined 3

*1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023

Current FPA applications

Applications being assessed

The application to initiate bargaining has been received, is currently being reviewed and assessed against the legal requirements.

Public submissions currently open

If the Chief Executive (CE) decides to invite public submissions, the application may take up to 30 working days or longer to process.

Instructions for making your submission can be found within corresponding consultation for each application.

Have your say

There are currently no applications open for submission.

Approval to initiate bargaining and bargaining side formation

0 to 3 months

Once an application to initiate bargaining is approved, an application to join a bargaining side can be submitted by the parties for the CE’s review.


After 3 months

Bargaining commences and continues until an agreement is reached or until either party approaches the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) for it to set the terms.

Compliance and coverage overlap check

Parties submit proposed agreement to the ERA for compliance assessments and coverage overlap checks. If there is a coverage overlap, the ERA will make a determination regarding cover.

There are currently no applications undergoing compliance and coverage overlap checks.

Ratification and verification

Parties hold a ratification vote and advice the CE of the result with supporting evidence.

There are currently no applications undergoing ratification and verification.

Bargaining ceased

All eligible parties have withdrawn and bargaining sides are no longer represented.

No current applications have completed the bargaining process.

Enforced Fair Pay agreements

The CE validates the terms of agreement by issuing an FPA notice.

There are no enforced Fair Pay Agreements at this time.

Applications withdrawn or declined

Applications in this section have been withdrawn or declined in the current financial year.

Last updated: 06 November 2023