Business Connect

Business Connect is one of the most significant initiatives underway to transform the way government services to businesses are currently delivered.

This new digital platform aims to make it easier for small businesses to access services from across multiple government agencies – leaving them more time to concentrate on their business.

What is Business Connect?

Business Connect is a new digital service platform that will allow businesses to apply for things like licences and permits from different government agencies in one place.

Business Connect is powered by the New Zealand Business Number (NZBN). Once a business registers for Business Connect their NZBN will pre-populate all the key information about their business that we frequently ask them to supply.

It forms part of the Government’s Better for Business programme commitment to make it easier and more seamless for businesses to deal with government.

What businesses tell us

Businesses tell us that they spend a lot of time and effort trying to navigate complex and fragmented public services – just so they can make sure the compliance box is ticked.

Common complaints include:

  • needing to repeat the same information over and over
  • that rules and processes are too complicated to understand or follow, and
  • that coordination between government agencies is limited

Businesses also tell us that the most important services to them are the licences, permits, registrations, certifications and authorisations that they legally require to operate. Twenty-seven percent of businesses across New Zealand require some type of permission from government. Examples include alcohol licences for a café, heavy vehicle licences or occupational dive licences.

Because of the importance of these to NZ businesses, this is the initial focus for Business Connect. Over time, Business Connect will enable businesses to apply for, renew, manage and track the licences and permits related to their business from one place.

We’ll make things even easier by giving businesses a more consistent experience, the ability to re-use the information they’ve stored in their profile and the ability to track their applications every step of the way so they know where they stand.

The first services on Business Connect will be available later this year and further services will be added from across government.

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How Business Connect works

Business Connect is a digital services platform that will provide government agencies with common tools, templates, data standards and business rules to enable the design and delivery of more consistent digital services.