The Housing Affordability Measure for renters

The Housing Affordability Measure compares the income after housing costs of renters in different parts of New Zealand to the national median income after housing costs for all households.

Graphic image showing: total household income minus rent equals income after housing costs compared to income after housing costs for all households in New Zealand

The Measure identifies the proportion of potential first home buyers in a particular area whose income after housing costs is above or below the national median. The Measure is based on real incomes of real households.

Benefits of the measure

The Housing Affordability Measure shows a trend, which supports central and local government to identify and respond to affordability challenges that are specific to each housing market.

rent graph

What does this mean for renters?

Renters in Auckland
what does this mean for renters
Renters in Auckland: Housing Affordability Measure
renters in auckland