Weathertight Homes Resolution Service claims statistics

These statistics relate to claims that have met the eligibility criteria set out in the Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act 2006.

If you own a leaky home in New Zealand, you may be eligible for support from us. If your home is eligible you will be able to lodge a claim and access technical assessments and resolution services, such as mediation and/or adjudication through the Weathertight Homes Tribunal.

Weathertight Homes Resolution Services Act 2006(external link).

You can find more information about Weathertight Services and how to resolve a claim on the Building Performance website(external link)

Claim statistics for 30 April 2019

As at 30 April 2019, MBIE had received 7,378 WHRS claims lodged for 12,811 properties.

The Weathertight Service has completed 8,750 property assessments (some owners request more than one assessment).

The property assessment numbers may be potentially higher, however many multi-unit complexes have all encompassing reports undertaken. Therefore, the number of property assessments is independent of properties.

For more information on Weathertight Services visit our website.(external link)

Under the WHRS Act 2006, we accept applications for multi-unit properties as single claims.

Total claims

 claims pursuing resolution

501 open claims (7%)
2296 resolved claims (31%)
4581 closed claims (62%)

7378 total count of claims (100.00%)

Open claims

 open claims

5 claims awaiting assessment of repair costs (1%)
163 claims awaiting claimant decision (33%)
332 claims pursuing resolution (66%)
1 claim in the Process of Assessing Eligibility (0%)

501 total count of claims (100.00%)

Claims pursuing resolution

 claims pursuing resolution

141 claimants pursuing alternate dispute resolution option (42%)
145 claims in FAP process (44%)
26 claims in the WHRS resolution process (8%)
20 claims repairing outside FAP process (6%)

332 total count of claims (100.00%)


  1. Claims can be closed for a number of reasons, including the following: claim discontinued by a claimant; claim ineligible under the WHRS Act 2006; change in property ownership; claim withdrawn under the WHRS 2006 Act; claim not progressing; claim transferred to another jurisdiction by the Weathertight Homes Tribunal (WHT) or claim terminated by the WHT.
  2. After a claim has been found eligible under the WHRS 2006 Act, claimants can decide to proceed with assisted repairs via the Financial Assistance Package (FAP) (if they are eligible for FAP), repair on their own and then seek to resolve their claim, or resolve first and then proceed with repairs.
  3. Claims which are working towards repairs via the FAP are also able to proceed with other resolution options at the same time. This number includes claims that are proceeding with resolution via the FAP, as well as claims that are proceeding with the FAP and one other resolution option.

Weathertight Services Active Claims by Territorial Authority

Please note: 'Number of properties' is the total number of homes (which may be a house, apartment, flat or unit) that are part of an open claim under the WHRS Act 2006. Some claims cover more than one property.

Territorial Authority where the building consent was issued Number of properties with open claims as at 31 January 2019 Number of open claims as at 31 January 2019
Auckland City Council 1725 260
Franklin District Council 5 5
Manukau City Council 43 10
North Shore City Council 203 34
Papakura District Council 1 1
Rodney District Council 7 7
Waitakere City Council 212 35
Totals For Auckland: 2196 352
All Other Territorial Authorities
Buller District Council 1 1
Christchurch City Council 56 36
Far North District Council 1 1
Gisborne District Council 23 1
Grey District Council 1 1
Hamilton City Council 15 6
Hauraki District Council 1 1
Horowhenua District Council 3 3
Hutt City Council 2 2
Kaipara District Council 1 1
Kapiti Coast District Council 2 2
Manawatu District Council 2 2
Nelson City Council 3 3
New Plymouth District Council 2 2
Palmerston North City Council 2 2
Porirua City Council 28 5
Queenstown-Lakes District Council 161 9
Rotorua District Council 1 1
Tasman District Council 1 1
Taupo District Council 1 1
Tauranga City Council 197 17
Thames-Coromandel District Council 6 6
Timaru District Council 1 1
Upper Hutt City Council 1 1
Wellington City Council 233 32
Western Bay of Plenty District Council 6 6
Whanganui District Council 1 1
Whangarei District Council 6 6
Totals For All Other Territorial Authorities 758 151
Grand Totals 2954 503


1. Territorial Authorities not shown in the table above do not have any open claims.

Previous claims statistics

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Weathertight Valuation

Valuation reports for the Financial Assistance Package Scheme have been produced by independent actuaries since 2011 and feed into the budget and Weathertight Appropriation.

The 2018 Weathertight Valuation is available as a published Official Information Act release.


Last updated: 14 May 2019