Protection from fire

We maintain an overview of the performance of the building regulatory system for fire safety. This lets us develop evidence-based strategies and work programmes to address sector issues.

What we do

We provide policy and technical advice on New Zealand’s building system, rules and standards, and implement building legislation and regulations.

This includes the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC) and its supporting documents, including Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods.

NZBC clause C 'Protection from fire'

The objective of NZBC clause C for ‘Protection from Fire’ is to:

  • safeguard people from an unacceptable risk of injury or illness caused by fire
  • protect other property from damage caused by fire, and
  • facilitate firefighting and rescue operations.

More information

Building and construction closed consultations has information on our previous fire proposals.

If you have a query about the building regulatory system email

Protection from fire(external link) on our Building Performance website has further information.

Overview and status of MBIE fire engineering project priorities [PDF, 92 KB]