Analytics and Research in Government internship and graduate programme

The Analytics and Research in Government (ARG) programme is a multi-agency initiative to build capability in data, analytics and research across Government.

We want you to experience life working in government and have the chance to apply the skills you’ve learned in university into real-world projects – whether this be through the Internship or Graduate Programme.

Apply online

To apply, visit the ARG website for more information about the application process.

Internship & Graduate Programme(external link) — Analytics & Research in Government

Why you should apply

The importance of data and insights for effective government decision making has never been greater. MBIE is a critical player in the NZ government’s data system – we are accountable for providing data and insights to a huge range of stakeholders spread over more than 17 regulatory systems. Data is the lifeblood of MBIE – it connects our diverse responsibilities, enables decisions based on proof and keeps us ahead of the curve.

For many ARG interns, this has been an eye-opening experience that has led to continued work in the public service. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s (MBIE’s) ARG interns have worked on projects ranging from understanding NZ’s renewable energy market, to visualising NZ’s public science funding data, to analysing labour market barriers and opportunities for Māori.

ARG graduates work on more complex projects, have increased involvement in the day-to-day work of their team, and get a broader exposure of the varied work going on at their agency and around the NZ government. The graduate programme is designed to fully equip you for a permanent analytics and research role in any NZ government agency.

About the programme

Analytics and Research in Government (ARG) is an interagency government initiative. It is co-led by the Ministry of Social Development and Stats NZ, and involves a wide range of government agencies including MBIE.

ARG’s vision is for university students skilled in analytics and research to get a taste of working in government – over time building a pipeline of talent that lifts the quality of government regulation, policy, and decision making.

  • The ARG summer internship runs for 12 weeks from November to February.
  • The ARG graduate programme runs for 12 months starting in February.

Positions are generally Wellington based, however requests to work in other major centres may be considered.

Who we are looking for

One of the most common questions that students ask about ARG is whether they need to have technical coding skills, e.g. in JavaScript, Python or R. If you have these skills, that is great and you should mention them in your application. Degrees in areas like mathematics, statistics, computer science or the natural sciences will be useful.

However we aren’t just looking for quantitative analytical skills, but also for qualitative research skills. Each approach is an equally important and valid way of developing useful insights. Degrees in areas like economics, history or psychology are also useful.

Other areas of study that might complement your research skills could include law, political studies, or commerce.

The ARG summer internship is designed for students who have one or two years of study remaining – however applications from students due to have completed their degrees will also be considered.

The ARG graduate programme is designed for students who have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.