Our purpose

 MBIE's purpose is to Grow New Zealand for all.


'Grow' relates to the economy. To achieve the standard of living and quality of life we aspire to, we need a better-performing economy that delivers sustainable growth.

'For all' captures growth for New Zealanders now and in the future – growth that doesn’t compromise our environment or the safety of our workplaces.

Achieving this will mean New Zealanders have higher standards of living, higher incomes, greater job opportunities and good quality, affordable housing.

Our ambition is for New Zealand to benefit from:

  • a more supportive and dynamic business environment
  • greater numbers of highly skilled people and innovative firms
  • a built environment that better supports a well-functioning economy
  • greater value sustainably derived from our natural environment
  • more productive and prosperous sectors, regions and people.

These aspirations are echoed in our Māori identity – Hīkina Whakatutuki – which broadly means ‘lifting to make successful'.